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Nordsø Records

The Danish Pressing Plant
Hi-Fi Shop and Event Space

Nordsø Records is a record pressing plant founded in 2015 and located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a crew of record- and art collectors focusing on high quality record manufacturing. Personal contact and feel good atmosphere through the whole progress of producing your vinyl records. The factory hall with the pressing machines incorporates a live venue ready for you to play in connection with your release. Next to the factory hall, we have furnished a listening room and a Hi-Fi Shop. In here you can listen to our releases on a high end stereo equipment or buy great sounding electronic products, for your home audio system.

A selection of our home audio brands:
Ortofon - Rega - System Audio - Fyne Audio - Klipsch - Technics
The shop is open Monday - Friday from 10:00 - 18:00

Contact us if you are interested in more. Head to the About us tap on the top right.


Production at Nordsø Records

Nordsø Records HQ holds two pressing machines. These machines are newly manufactured at Newbilt in Germany. These devices are built like the Finebilt pressing machines from the 50’s, while having a modern control system. The handling of the vinyl is all manual. This therefore leaves us with the possibility to visual control every record before we put them on the stacking spindles. In addition, all vinyl used is virgin vinyl of premium quality. Too see our presser vinyl records click here!

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